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  • Shampoo-Conditioning Bars With nourishing, moisturizing, hair quenching vegan ingredients. No parabens, palm oil or added chemicals.  Great for anyone with Normal, dry, oily, damaged hair and for those with sensitive skin conditions or occasional skin flare ups.  Soothing for those with scalp Eczema & Psoriasis, unplugs & opens up hair follicles to breathe.
  • Long lasting bars, great for travel, no bottles to clutter your shower or end up in oceans!  Makes your dull, dry hair heathy and manageable again.  You'll love the way your hair feels.


  • Benefits of Base Oil combination in all bars:
  • Olive Oil source of vit E, hydrate scalp, treats dandruff & dry hair, stimulate hair growth, gets rid of dandurff, nourish hair & relieves itchy scalp, prevents oily hair.  
  • Coconut Oil:  Antiviral, antimicrobial & antifungal, helps create lots of bubbles for a  thoroughly, squeaky clean hair & scalp.
  • Castor Oil:  gets rid of excess oil, dead skin cells, stimulate hair growth, provides proteins that helps repair hair damage, harder bar and creates creamy lather.
  • Coconut Cream:  rich in vitamins & minerals essential for healthy hair, will moisturize each strand leaving them hydrated and lively.
  • Shea Butter:  great for all hair types, it softens, nourishes & hydrates hair, improves texture, conditions & prevents hair from becoming frizzy or dry. helps thicken hair making hair softer & feel fuller. Promotes circulation and reduces hair greying. Also makes for a harder bar.
  • Kaolin Clay: besides helping to harden the bar, its an extremely light exfoliator, safe for all skin types.  Used in every soap bar I make to help slough off dead skin cells with each use.


Benefits of Essential Oils:

  • Rosemary EO: Top essential oil for stimulating hair growth by increasing circulation, thickening hair. Helps prevent baldness, slows the graying process, treats dandruff & dry hair.
  • Chamomile EO: Adds shine & softness to your hair, soothes scalp. Mild for younger children, use a shampoo face shield.
  • Oatmeal & Honey (below): extremely moisturizing, contains B-vitamins that act as humectants,  can help fix damaged hair, contibutes to thickening/streghthening hair, less brittle/more elastic. A plus for dry-brittle-curly-coarse-Afro hair types. It forms a film that seals around each strand ot lock in moisture & provides a barrier from harsh weather, and most importantly adds a glistening sheen!  No need to use the vinegar rinse as it will rinse your sheen away.
  • Honey:  Hydrator, strengthener, antibacterial, shine booster, antiflammatory, promotes hair regrowth, overall scalp health in general.
  • Lemon-Sandalwood EO:  Lemon: antimicrobial, antiseptic, effective for dandruff & scalp acne, improves circulation, strengthens hair. Great for all hair types.  Sandalwood: Antiseptic properties, increases shine, blood circulation, gets rid of dandruff & excess sebum secretions for really oily scalps, stimulates blood circulation, encourages hair growth.
  • Peppermint-Tea Tree EO:  Stimulates scalp, treats lice, promotes hair growth, calming effect helps relieve tension. Tea Tree: Powerful cleansing,anti bacterial, antimicrobial, unplug hair follicles, promotes hair growth.

Hair Shampoo-Conditioning Bar

SKU: 06202011
  • Ingredients:  Saponified Pure olive & Organic Coconut oils, Coconut Cream, Caster Oil, Shea Butter, Kaolin Clay, Mica & Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.  Combining these oils creates the addition of Glycerin Oil which makes for a very creamy luxurious feel with lots & lots of bubbles too!

    A little goes a long way, my hair is chin length, after wetting, I swipe it directly on my hair 3-4x's, wet it again and scrub hair.  Thats it.  This is a very long lasting bar.  Think of the money you'll save not to mention the plastic bottles that wont end up in the ocean or the dump!


    Formulated or hair only, this combinations of oils are naturally nourishing, moisturizing, clarifying, helps to control dandruff by sluffing off dead skin cells, washing them away leaving your hair squeaky clean, healthy & with a bit more volume.  

    This shampoo will not weigh your hair down, no more flyaways, no more split ends or dry brittle hair.  Just healthy clean, beautiful, manageable hair.  

    Try it, you'll be amazed.  I was, the first time I used it.  I could feel it really cleansing my hair, no heavy oily feeling or build up either & the squeaks were loud  ;) my hair was happy & healthy again!


    WASH YOUR HAIR: You can use this shampoo daily, but you really don't need to as your scalp will be ph balanced which does't attract dirt.  My suggesstion is to not overwash.  You'll know your hair is clean by doing the "squeak test".  Take a small bunch of hair between your fingers, draw it gently from scalp to ends...if you hear loud squeaks, your hair is "squeaky clean".  If not, wash and rinse well again. Then retest for squeaks again in several places around your head.

    Wait till you hair feels dirty, then wash it.  I wash my hair every 6 days. Before, it was every other day, with or without using additional products .  I don't use product on my colored hair & I style with a curling iron, it stays nice for a good 3 days before I style again.


    RINSE YOUR HAIR:  As a little girl, Mom would rinse my hair with 1 part red vinegar to 4 parts water (example 1/4 c Red Vinegar (dark hair) or Lemon juice (white to blonde hair) to 1c water).  I use a small travel spary bottle in the shower for my vinegar rinse, spritz all over, massage in then rinse thoroughly. Vinegar or Lemon juice is great for your scalp and skin with many medicinal benefits.  You'll smell like a salad about 2 min.  DO NOT USE CONDITIONER,  you won't need too.  Try it first both ways, rinse vs no rinse.  See which you like better.


    AFTER WORKOUTS:  just give your hair a thorough warm water rinse until it squeaks, use the vinegar rinse to refresh, style as usual.  Workout sweat if different from stinky nervous sweat. 

    If you use any kind of hair product, keep in mind that you should not put chemicals on your scalp, it goes directly into your body (if you cant read the ingredients, you know they aren't good for you) instead, depending on your hair length, start about 4" away from your scalp.  These products  are meant to clog your pores, over working the sebacious glands, causing oily, dandruff and dry, itchy scalp!  Mfgs want you to use and buy more product so they create products to damage your hair!  Don't believe me?  Compare my ingredient list to theirs...actually Google their ingredients.  Its an eye opener!

    This listing is for one long lasting bar weighing Avg 3.5 oz.  Bar soap lasts longer by keeping dry between uses.  Use a draining soap dish,  keeping it away from direct streams of water.  Discontinue use if irritation occurs. I do not recommend it for Babies/Toddlers unless they use a shampoo face shield or swim goggle to protect their eyes.  I am unable to make a "No Tears" shampoo using natural ingredients (can only be made using chemicals!).  Recommended for hair only.  this is not a body shampoo.


    Shampoo bars have nourishing, moisturizing, hair loving vegan ingredients. SLS free, no parabens, palm oil, preservativews,  cruelty free, Earth friendly, zero waste, made in USA!

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